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tutorteddy.com review

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tutorteddy.com review and discount

I always had problems with Math’s at school, so when I entered the university, the situation didn’t change. I am not a bad student, but when I start to do homework on Math’s, it takes a lot of time and efforts, and I don’t have time to do anything else. I decided to solve this problem somehow. One of my friends advised me to order homework on the site. He told me that this site offers cheap prices and the quality is not bad. I have never heard about this before, but I was in despair, so I decided to make an order. The outlook of the site is not very attractive, but it is rather simple.

Price policy

This site offers to solve one Math problem per $0.99. I have counted that in a week I need to order 10 such homeworks and it will coast me $10 only. I was happy to know that. I thought that all my problems with these terrible assignments on Math’s will be gone. For about an hour I was looking for the field where I could fill in the information about the order.

Quality of Support

I decided to contact the Support, in order to clarify the situation. When the admin responded me, I thought that he is eager to help me. In a few minutes I understood that he knows nothing about this site, because he didn’t know how to help me to find this form. It seemed to me that he had never seen it at all. Finally, in one more hour he has managed to help me. I filed in the form and told the admin that my assignment should be completed in 2 days. There were about 5 or 6 Math problems.

Quality of the paper

I didn’t receive my assignment in two days. I was shocked. I had to go to university but I couldn’t do it, because my homework was not ready. I contacted the admin, and he promised to solve my problem. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to skip the class. In a few hours admin told me that my paper is still being written by the writer. I asked him for the refund. I wanted to return my money and to forget about this terrible service as soon as possible. Admin asked me to hold on. In 10 minutes he sent me the paper. He did it only when I told him I was going to take my money back. I looked through the paper and understood that this assignment was not mine. I didn’t know what to say. I wrote a huge letter to the admin, which contained all my thoughts as for this situation. Admin told me that there was a mistake and my paper will be delivered in two days. Finally, my paper was delivered. Math problems were solved correctly, but the impression was spoiled. Support team didn’t even offered me a discount or any compensation for missed deadline and wrong paper. I asked for a refund, but he refused to do so. I guess that I had a right to ask them to return my money back.


I don’t know, whether all such sites are so irresponsible, or not, but now I know for sure that I will never make an order here again. Admin is a real liar that spoiled my order and sent me the wrong paper even without checking it. I would never recommend this site to anyone.

Essay writing service that doesn`t care about it`s clients.

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tutorteddy.com review

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