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writingbunch.co.uk review

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writingbunch.co.uk review and discounts


When entering the site for the first time I noticed its brightness and attractiveness. Photos, palette, outline… Everything is pleasant. A distinctive feature of the site are section titles that stand out against the background when pressed. However, some significant inconveniences take place. First and foremost, it is not easy to find information about services. The Services section is situated in the bottom part in the list Important links. Some people may even not notice this link. Moreover, the range of works provided by the company is rather limited: essays, assignments, coursework and dissertation. There is no any exact description of the services and their subgroups.

Price policy

The information about prices is insufficient. Pricing takes into account only class of order and time of delivery. To find some more detailed information, a client has to start ordering a work, and only after indicating the paper standard, number of pages, urgency and some other criteria he or she will see the price. Such approach may seem unacceptable and suspicious to many customers.

Order details

The order was a one-page essay discussing the role of commercial and its influence on the society in the contemporary world. Before writing the essay, a writer was supposed to watch a short video about advertising some popular product and its popularity among people after successful marketing approaches. The writer had to use APA style and single spacing. Besides, it had to be written within 24 hours. The total price was approximately £40. For example, on custom-paper-writing.com/ prices are much cheaper.

Quality of support

Once I filled in the order form, I decided to call the company, but nobody picked up the phone. I had no desire to send a message and relied completely on their accountability. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive my essay in 24 hours and decided to call them once again. This time a young girl answered the phone. I must admit, she was a true professional. The girl apologized for disregarding the deadline and offered 15% discount promising that the order would be ready within next 24 hours. Frankly speaking, she reassured me and I agreed to terms and conditions.

Quality of the paper

Altogether, the essay was nice. Grammar, stylistics, content, citing… Everything was in the correct form. The only thing that irritated me was the reference list. The writer cited two separate articles, but there was only one work indicated in the references. Ultimately, I had to find the second source cited in the text myself.


1. The site is absorbing but not logically arranged.
2. The price scheme is unreliable and lacks specification.
3. In general, the support team is professional but there are inconveniences in getting them on the phone.
4. The writers should be more attentive when working with the orders.

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writingbunch.co.uk review

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