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wwwritingservice.com review

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wwwritingservice.com Review and Dsicount

Everyone, who orders an essay, resume, CV or a course work on a writing service web site, wants to receive the paper of the highest quality. At the same time, not everyone knows what exactly he wants to receive from the service that is claiming to provide you with a paper of the best quality. The problem lies in the fact that tastes differ and the notion of perfect paper differs from one person to another. A long time ago I understood that words mean nothing, especially when a company wants to attract clients and to earn money. From my own experience I can tell you, that not every site, which offers you a high quality paper, really performs its duties. The same thing I can say about this site.

Price policy

I ordered an essay paper, one page, 8 hours deadline, academic level – Senior. My paper coasted me $42. I should say that it is quite a lot. I decided to try as many sites as possible, in order to find the perfect one. You will be surprised, but in two years I didn’t find the appropriate site yet. Many sites offer you a discount for the first order and a constant discount, if you tell your friends about their services. I guess that it is a nice marketing step. Anyway, this site didn`t offer me any discount.

Quality of paper and Support

Usually, very pleasant and attentive people are working in the support team. This time I was puzzled, because the admin seemed to be rude. Maybe, I was in a bad mood and just perceived his behavior as rude one. I had problems with the order form, besides, I asked him to give me one of the best writers. He told me that I should pay for it. I agreed and he sent me a payment link. I had to pay $10 more. I think that as I was their new client, they could give me the best writer for free. I made an order and asked the admin to make sure that the writer will complete my paper within the deadline. He promised to do so. Well, I was rather disappointed, as I didn’t receive my paper in time. Neither had it happened the next day. I was nervous and angry and I decided to ask the admin for a refund. He refused to give me my money back. He told me that the writer is still working under my paper. Nobody was considering the fact that my deadline was missed. For a couple of days I was trying to het my money back, and finally, the admin returned the sum of money to me. He apologized and told me that a mistake occurred and the writer didn’t manage to write my paper. It was a terrible situation. The only thing that calmed me down is that the site returned me my money.


So, my deadline was missed, and I had to make an order on the other site. Fortunately, they have managed perfectly well, and I was satisfied with my essay. In addition, they gave me a discount. Everything depends on your demands and personal qualities, but if you want to receive the paper in time or it is urgent, then you should better find another essay writing service. For example, do not hesitate and try this Site, they are one of the best! 😉

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wwwritingservice.com review

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